Cara Root Android Menggunakan Magisk | Recovery

Aplikasi Magisk ini adalah cara root yang mendekati sempurna untuk keberhasilan root android anda

Dengan membaca artikel ini sampean akan disuguhkan dengan pengetahuan cara root yang benar, antara lain 
  1. Mengenal Aplikasi Magisk
  2. Cara Root Magisk yang benar
  3. Video Cara Root Menggunakan Magisk
  4. Cara Unroot Magisk
  5. Download Magisk 
  6. Kumpulan Module Magisk
Magisk Download

1. Mengenal Aplikasi Magisk

Magisk adalah aplikasi gratis (open Source) yang kusus untuk root semua tipe HP dibuat oleh Topjohnwu

Magisk mengubah sistem android (boot.img) untuk mendapat hak akses root

Kelebihan Magisk

  1. Aplikasi seperti M-Banking menolak jika android anda dalam ROOT, magisk ini bisa menyebunyikan ROOT tersebut sehingga M-Banking bisa digunakan lagi
  2. Android anda masih bisa mendapatkan update official ota
  3. Banyak module yang dikembakan oleh beberapa orang di dunia untuk menjadikan Android anda lebih baik 

Mengenal Fitu-fitur Magisk

  1. Superuser, dashboard untuk memberikan akses root pada aplikasi 
  2. Logs, Dashboard melihakan catatan yang pernah kita lakukan pada magisk 
  3. Module, Dashboard untuk mendownload atau memasang sebuah module magisk 
  4. Hide Magisk Manager, Mengganti aplikasi Magisk Manager dengan nama yang lain 
  5. MagiskHide, Untuk menyembunyikan aplikasi magisk manager, sehingga sistem mengira tidak ada aplikasi root
  6. Systemless Hosts, Fitur berguna untuk memblokir iklan ads
  7. Themes, untuk mengganti tema sesuai keinginan

2. Cara Root Menggunakan Magisk

Untuk memenuhi atau syarat root menggunakan magisk adalah 
  1. Sudah terpasang TWRP Recovery 
  2. Kopi dan fikiran tenang 

2 syarat tersebut sangat lah mudah, kemudian Magisk memberikan 2 cara melalui TWRP dengan flash Magisk atau flash Boot.IMG

1. Flash Magisk ZIP 

  • Download Magisk (Usahakan yang terbaru)
  • Masuk TWRP 
  • Pilih Install 
  • Flash Magisk 
  • Wipe Cahce 

Video Cara Flash Magisk ZIP

2. Flash Boot.img (Magisk) 

  • Siapkan internet Data / Wifi
  • Download Magisk Manager 
  • Klik Instal Bagian Magisk 
  • Pilih Direct Install (Recomanded)
  • Klik LET'S Go >
  • Tunggu Proses hingga ada tombol Reboot 
  • Klik Reboot

Video Cara Flash Boot.img

Cooming Soon


Catatan Perubahan
### v21.0

- [General] Support Android 11 🎉
- [General] Add Safe Mode detection. Disable all modules when the device is booting into Safe Mode.
- [General] Increase `post-fs-data` mode timeout from 10 seconds to 40 seconds
- [MagiskInit] Rewritten 2SI support from scratch
- [MagiskInit] Support when no `/sbin` folder exists (Android 11)
- [MagiskInit] Dump fstab from device-tree to rootfs and force `init` to use it for 2SI devices
- [MagiskInit] Strip out AVB for 2SI as it may cause bootloop
- [Modules] Rewritten module mounting logic from scratch
- [MagiskSU] For Android 8.0+, a completely new policy setup is used. This reduces compromises in Android's sandbox, providing more policy isolation and better security for root users.
- [MagiskSU] Isolated mount namespace will now first inherit from parent process, then isolate itself from the world
- [MagiskSU] Update communication protocol with Magisk Manager to work with the hardened SELinux setup
- [MagiskPolicy] Optimize match all rules. This will significantly reduce policy binary size and save memory and improve general kernel performance.
- [MagiskPolicy] Support declaring new types and attributes
- [MagiskPolicy] Make policy statement closer to stock `*.te` format. Please check updated documentation or `magiskpolicy --help` for more details.
- [MagiskBoot] Support compressed `extra` blobs
- [MagiskBoot] Pad boot images to original size with zeros
- [MagiskHide] Manipulate additional vendor properties

### v20.4

- [MagiskInit] Fix potential bootloop in A-only 2SI devices
- [MagiskInit] Properly support Tegra partition naming
- [General] Load dynamically, which removes the need to use wrapper scripts on Android 10+
- [General] Detect API level with a fallback method on some devices
- [General] Workaround possible bug in x86 kernel readlinkat system call
- [BusyBox] Enable SELinux features. Add chcon/runcon etc., and '-Z' option to many applets
- [BusyBox] Introduce standalone mode. More details in release notes
- [MagiskHide] Disable MagiskHide by default
- [MagiskHide] Add more potential detectable system properties
- [MagiskHide] Add workaround for Xiaomi devices bootloop when MagiskHide is enabled on cross region ROMs
- [MagiskBoot] Support patching special Motorolla DTB format
- [MagiskPolicy] Support 'genfscon' sepolicy rules
- [Scripts] Support NAND based boot images (character nodes in /dev/block)
- [Scripts] Better addon.d (both v1 and v2) support
- [Scripts] Support Lineage Recovery for Android 10+

### v20.3
- [MagiskBoot] Fix `lz4_legacy` decompression

### v20.2

- [MagiskSU] Properly handle communication between daemon and application (root request prompt)
- [MagiskInit] Fix logging in kmsg
- [MagiskBoot] Support patching dtb/dtbo partition formats
- [General] Support pre-init sepolicy patch in modules
- [Scripts] Update magisk stock image backup format

### v20.1

- [MagiskSU] Support component name agnostic communication (for stub APK)
- [MagiskBoot] Set proper `header_size` in boot image headers (fix vbmeta error on Samsung devices)
- [MagiskHide] Scan zygote multiple times
- [MagiskInit] Support recovery images without /sbin/recovery binary. This will fix some A/B devices unable to boot to recovery after flashing Magisk
- [General] Move acct to prevent daemon being killed
- [General] Make sure "--remove-modules" will execute after removal


Catatan Perubahan
## v8.0.2

- Fix an issue with requesting permission on devices older than Android 10
- Make more files download through CDN

## v8.0.1

- Fix `vbmeta.img` patching for Samsung `AP.tar` files. This fixes bootloops on devices like Galaxy S10 after flashing updated AP files.
- Properly truncate existing files before writing to prevent corrupted files
- Prevent a possible UI loop when device ran into very low memory
- Switch to use JSDelivr CDN for several files

## v8.0.0

- 100% full app rewrite! Will highlight functional changes below.
- Add detailed device info in home screen to assist user installation
- Support Magisk v21.0 communication protocol
- Support patching modern Samsung `AP.tar`

Magisk Uninstaller

Cara Root Android Menggunakan Magisk | Recovery