What is PLC Programmable Logic Controller

what is plc? on the common people certainly do not know the term plc for companies or contractors who frequently play Automation tender definitely know what the term plc, ok I will give you the sense of what it plc. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) From this extension of the first key word is the program so surely you know that programs like where tp is more important than logic or logic PLC is so a programmer must have LOGICA plc which was steady and strong example gini the mathematical formula 1 + 1 = 2 sd wrote definitely dong child could definitely: D tp in the PLC program 1 + 1 = 5 well lo ... disorienting, like that in reality he weve later in the PLC program.

What Is Plc

what is plc


Learning PLC, what is plc is usually used for automation and process control machinery in a factory for example for automation (term automation is easy just to control the engine 1 or more) are usually used for interlocking / Sequenching on a machine. For process (term process from start to no) gampanganya gini example of a food plant material trs mentanya cooked up in ksh spices "to be in packing it all in the process intent on doing all the cool PLC not Mangkanya spirit continues to PLC.

Learning PLC

what is plc For schools - schools generally from smk to college usually introduced with plc brand / brand Omron / Schneider was the one that I discuss in this blog is the main PLC Schneider brand following types of PLC brand schneider

Modicon M221
Modicon M241
Modicon M251
Modicon M258
Modicon M340

That type of PLC that is usually used by the Indonesian people in general and very userfriendly for already experienced.
Learning PLC

Software is in use by brand schneider as follows:

Basic Somachine Suport windows 8.1 Link

(PLC Modicon M221 Special To)

Somachine 3.1 Competible windows 7 only

(For Modicon M258 PLC)

Somachine 4.1 Suport Windows 8.1

(For PLC Modicon M241, M251, and M258)

was that he was kind of - kind of software according to the type PLCnya Somachine Basic Free or free you can download the link I have provided above and for somachine 3.1 and 4.1 of this paid him that makes people lazy Indonesia: D but still passion for Schneider PLC.

What is PLC Programmable Logic Controller